Summer Programs at Sup’Biotech: 2020

Sup'Biotech is a private engineering school located in the Paris metropolitan area, that is specialized in various emerging biotechnology-related fields. Sup'Biotech is part of the IONIS Institute of Technology cluster.

It is one of the top biotech schools in France and is part of IONIS, France’s leading higher private education group. Its students go on into top positions in an array of industries including the health, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, green industries, and agribusiness.

Sup’Biotech’s unique curriculum combines science and engineering coursework with management skills and industry-specific technical knowledge, preparing students for dynamic careers in research, management, and communication roles. Our graduates possess not only the expertise needed in STEM-based careers, but the interpersonal and management skills to effectively deliver their message.

Our summer program consists of four programs: Food Product Development, Cosmetics Product Development, Stem Cell and Genetic Engineering and Water and soil pollution: Biotechnological Remediation. All take place on our campus from July 6 to July 25, 2020 except the last program that takes place from August 2 to August 23, 2020. Students come from around the world to study in English, go on our cultural trips, and befriend other students from different cultures in an experience often described by participants as “unforgettable”. Our students also learn about the domestic and international biotechnology markets. Sup’Biotech’s professors come from diverse training and educational backgrounds, such as universities, research centers and industry.

Sup’Biotech’s students are prepared for a wide range of responsibilities in various biotechnology and international corporations, working in the fields of health, cosmetics, the environment, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.

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Sup’Biotech is located in Paris, one of the world’s most dynamic cities for students (Top of QS Best Student Cities’ list for the fourth year running) and for the biotech sector. The capital of France and the country’s largest city, Paris is located on the banks of the Seine river. Approximately two million people live in Paris itself, and the Paris metro area has a population of over 12 million, making it one of Europe’s largest urban zones.

During the program, students make the most of their time in France by going on a boat tour down the Seine River, visiting a huge indoor waterpark, going to an action adventure park called Koézio, visiting the Palace of Versailles, and spending a day at Disneyland Paris, among other trips. They also visit biotech conferences, a brewery, and other trips designed to show the “application” side of biotechnology.

Today, Paris is one of the world's leading business and cultural centers. Its influence on politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's most important global cities.

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Stem Cell Engineering
This program is intended to give students a broad introduction to the exciting field of disease modeling using stem cells.. Students will explore what make stem cells unique, with a specific focus on their characterization and their function. They will extend their knowledge to include an introduction to the more specialized area of genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9). This course is an excellent way to dive deeply into disease modeling for students who are interested in the medical fields or stem cell research.

Food Science
New food products are developed and tested every day, then brought to market by companies that have spent millions on R&D. This program has been designed to help our students intimately understand this process. Students will perform food science-related lab work and develop food products, culminating in a project that combines product design with business and marketing concepts. Lab work is coupled with market research and business implementation to give students a realistic look at the food science industries.

Cosmetics Product Development
The 200-billion-euro cosmetics industry is driven by innovation, quality, and results. Consumers that are increasingly aware of what they are buying have provoked a strategy change by cosmetics businesses to respond to changing customer expectations. Sup’Biotech believes that addressing this change will require both scientific and marketing expertise, and we are well-placed to provide this knowledge to students. Participants in the Cosmetics Product Development course will develop a product prototype for a target market that addresses a specific skin-based need, perform extensive market research, and develop a hypothetical commercialization approach to a new dermo-cosmetics product.

Water and soil pollution: Biotechnological Remediation
This program is designed for Environment-oriented Biotechnology students willing to have a great impact on a cleaner world. After Studying the State of the art of water and soil pollution, students will develop innovative biotechnological remediation solutions. Field trips, company visits, professional conferences, as well as social and cultural activities will bring them to another level of expertise.
Come up with new ideas to protect our resources!
Please note that this course will take place from August 2, 2020 to August 23, 2020. Admission deadline is June 15, 2020.


Who can apply to Sup’Biotech Summer School?

Applicants must have completed at least two years of studies in Life Sciences or Applied Sciences

Programs are taught in English: students must justify English language skills.
Language requirements:
CECRL B2 – IELTS 5,5 / 6 – Toeic 600 - Toefl IBT 65
Students can also provide a certificate or attestation from their home university demonstrating their knowledge of English.

The number of participants is limited. Make sure to register early!


July 6, 2020 – July 25, 2020

August 2, 2020 – August 23, 2020

Deadlines for the July programs

Application deadline: May 31, 2020
Payment deadline: May 31, 2020

Deadlines for the August program

Application deadline: June 15, 2020
Payment deadline: June 15, 2020

How to apply?

To complete your application, you will need to download the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport
  • CV in English
  • Last two transcripts
  • English Certificate (if required)

Apply now !

Contact info

Maryline TE 
International Coordinator
+33 184 071 396

Cultural trips and site visits

The Summer Program is as much about having fun as it is about learning!

Language courses

Included in the program fees are language courses. “Survival French” will be given to students who need to brush up their French skills. Students who already speak French fluently will be given “Scientific English” classes that give a new level of refinement to their spoken and technical English. (2 ECTS credits for language.)


Application fees: 60€
Program fees: 2,400€
(Courses, including room, breakfast and lunch on weekdays, Language courses (French or English), biotech visits, all cultural activities & trips, the farewell party, a 3-week Paris transport pass and a lot more!)

You will receive a lab coat emblazoned with Sup’Biotech’s logo.

If you are a student from one of Sup’Biotech’s Partner institutions, please contact us: a special discount will apply!

- Shuttle service: If you take this optional charge, a shuttle service will pick you up from the airport and take you to your home in Paris and back to the airport at the end of the program, price may vary.


Students live in shared rooms in Paris with host families. Sup’Biotech has worked with host families extensively; they ensure students have an insight on French culture and are well-provided for.

Students will receive a certificate granting them the equivalent of 6 ECTS

  • Languages: 2 ECTS
  • Seminars, courses: 2 ECTS
  • Projects: 2 ECTS