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Sup’Biotech’s unique curriculum combines science and engineering coursework with management skills and industry specific technical knowledge, preparing students for dynamic careers in research, management, and communication roles. Our graduates possess not only the expertise needed in STEM-based careers, but the interpersonal and management skills to effectively deliver their message.
Students come from around the world to study in English, go on our cultural trips, and befriend other students from different cultures in an experience often described by participants as “unforgettable”. Our students also learn about the domestic and international biotechnology markets. Sup’Biotech’s professors come from diverse training and educational backgrounds, such as universities, research centers and industry.
Sup’Biotech’s students are prepared for a wide range of responsibilities in various biotechnology and international corporations, working in the fields of health, cosmetics, environment, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.


Food Science
Development (bimodal)

New food products are developed and tested every day, then brought to market by companies that have spent millions on R&D. This program has been designed to help our students intimately understand this process. Students will perform food science-related lab work and develop food products, culminating in a project that combines product design with business and marketing concepts.

Lab work is coupled with market research and business implementation to give students a realistic look at the food science industries.


The 200-billion-euro cosmetics industry is
driven by innovation, quality, and results.  Consumers that are increasingly aware of
what they are buying have provoked a  strategy change by cosmetics businesses to respond to changing customer expectations.

Sup’Biotech believes that addressing this change will require both scientific and
marketing expertise, and we are well-placed to provide this knowledge to students.
Participants in the Cosmetics Product Development course will develop a product
prototype for a target market that addresses a specific skin-based need, perform extensive
market research, and develop a hypothetical commercialization approach to a new dermo-cosmetics product.

Program postponed to July 2021

Stem Cells
& Genetic

The 21st century has paved the way for regenerative medicine with the discovery of cell reprogramming and the genetic scissors CRISPR/Cas9 (prononcer crispeur casse nine) allowing DNA manipulation and cell fate controlling.

Nowadays, scientists can create innovative therapies directly from the patient’s cells or even force these sick cells to readopt a healthy phenotype directly on site. These techniques also broadened the arsenal of tools scientists have to mimic and recapitulate diseases on lab bench to better understand them before trying to cure them. Our summer school is designed to give you the tools to understand and carry out these different techniques with a special focus on their therapeutical potential. Icing on the cake, you will even be able to grow your own brain in a dish…

Water & Soil
Pollution :

This program is designed for Environment oriented Biotechnology students willing to have a great impact on a cleaner world.

After Studying the State of the art of water and soil pollution, students will develop innovative biotechnological remediation solutions.

Field trips, company visits, professional conferences, as well as social and cultural activities will bring them to another level of expertise. Come up with new ideas to protect our resources!

Program postponed to July 2021


The Summer Program is as much about having fun as it is about learning!

If you opt for the onsite program, wandering in Paris, walking next to the Eiffel Tower will be your everyday life. Explore the famous monuments in Paris and the French way of life while being immersed in the SUP’Biotech innovative learning experience!

If you choose the online program, a number of cultural and team building activities will be organized virtually: French classes, team building event(s), intercultural workshops and more.


How much

Online program fees : 1400€
On-site Program fees: 2650€
If you are a student from
one of our Partner
institutions, please
contact us: a special
discount will apply !


Students will receive a
certificate granting them
the equivalent of


July 3 - July 21 2023

Application deadline : May 31, 2023

What's included

• Courses

• Courses
• Housing
• Two meals per day
on weekdays
• Cultural activities
A 3-week Paris transport
• And a lot more!



Students can also
provide a certificate or
attestation from their
home university
demonstrating their
knowledge of English.


Applicants must have completed their high school studies before the start of the program.

Application process

To complete your application, you will need
to upload the following documents:
• Copy of Passport
• CV in English
• English Certificate


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