Epitech is...

Excellence: always aiming higher

Courage: Taking on a new challenge; embracing being different

Solidarity: Where the team is stronger than the individual

Diversity: Diversity of learning, diversity of experience, diversity of projects, diversity of innovation

Passionate about learning the latest in IT? Looking for a unique international experience? Join students from all over the world at EPITECH Summer School in Paris, France.

More details on the program…

Program dates: 6-24 July 2020

Place: 14 rue Voltaire, 94 270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

Language of instruction: English

Program options: Game development or Internet of Things

Credits earned: 6 ECTS

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At Epitech, you are at the center of your learning. For three weeks, you will learn by doing, completely immersed in the Epitech pedagogy. You will work in teams to solve everyday problems in society with technology.

You will leave the program with a completed project that serves a practical use in the world.

The Epitech Bootstrap Summer lasts three weeks to provide a real immersion into the Epitech method.