My adventure began in France, in Paris itself – an unforgettable city with its extensive infrastructure and its famous atmosphere of history and romance.

As for the Epitech summer program, teaching methods differ from what we are used to in Russian universities and schools. There is no lectures : only some general plan, a concept of “motivation”, because if you want to learn, then you attend, and everyone is well aware of this. During the program we have assisted to presentations of innovative projects and interesting technology-related programming tools.

But this was only the beginning. After a two-week programming language training programme the most interesting part of it began – « Project Bootstrap » (Commencement of work on the project), as they call it. Prior to that, we had been asked what we wished to do that would be ground-breaking. We had already thought this all through. Thus began the real work. We were given access to the best minds in the Innovation Hub to assist us in realizing our projects; this was the most interesting and memorable project work that I have ever seen.

Rebel Bayisa, student at Kent University

Bootstrap Summer was very exciting and a great challenge for people like me who hadn’t done C or C++ before...We were asked to do things that were easy if you know how but they weren’t easy if you were a complete beginner. We had to do it all on our own which was cool.

My project was simple: design an app to enable several people to listen to the same track even if they’re thousands of miles apart. The name: Harmonii. I’ll carry on working on Harmonii when I get home – I’m going to treat myself to a week off because I came here as soon as term ended at Kent University…The end goal is to work on the APIs for Spotify or Deezer so you can select several tracks to listen to, pause at the same time, rewind or fast forward. I’ve mentioned Spotify and Deezer specifically because I think their interface is perfect: there are just tracks to press play on which is exactly what I wanted to do when I decided to launch this app.

I know I’m not the first to have this idea, there’s something similar with and Google Hangouts has done it with Youtube videos, but what I want to do is create a new experience for listening to music. Not sharing tracks or music videos but listening to them together (and maybe commenting on them, there could be a chat room, comments box etc.). It may be a silly idea but I like it and I want to make it happen. We hope to use it one day this winter to remind us of the July summer heat in 2015.

Kevin M. Rivera, Brockport College, SUNY

The Epitech Bootstrap Summer program has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about technology. Each day I studied alongside other interns from around the world and was challenged with multiple coding objectives. Learning C, C++, and French as well. We were provided with excellent demo innovations on Cloud computing, Big Data, Digital Security, Embedded, and Virtual reality.

My final project was to create a bank management system. With the help of my mentors, I used MongoDB and Cloud9 to successfully set up the website. Other things I valued the most was to have a wonderful and supportive working environment, team and mentors.

I stayed at a wonderful host family that were humble and caring. We toured through the beautiful River Seine, Aquaboulevard, had dinner at the historical district of Paris, and visited the palace of Versailles. My experience at Epitech was phenomenal and exciting. This program was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career as web designer.