Students will experience the Epitech innovative project-based pedagogy at one of twelve Epitech campuses of their choice.
The aim of the program will be to realize a technical prototype based on a specific technology related to the ecosystem of the city.
Technologies used will range from IoT to e-health, drones, video games or interactive design.
In addition to technical modules, the program will include company visits and outdoor activities which will allow students to discover places of interest and the technological ecosystem of the city.

Week 1: Mini-pool and innovation session


Week 2: Technical Acculturation and bootstrapping


Week 3: Project Bootstrap

With 47 million visitors, Paris is the biggest tourist destination in the world.

As the capital of France, Paris has been an important city for more than 2,000 years. Often called by the nicknames “city of love” and “city of lights,” Paris is today one of the world’s leading centers for business, fashion, entertainment, art and culture. Just the mere mention of Paris conjures up images of the city’s world famous landmarks, museums and cathedrals.

Aside from its cultural aspects, Paris is the capital of France and it offers the most ambitious international professional opportunities. The towns located in western Paris such as Vélizy, Issy-les-Moulineaux and in particular the business district of La Défense have more than 3,600 businesses, with more than half of them specialising in the IT sector. Among these companies are Atos Origin, IBM Europe, EDS Electronic Data System, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Oracle. Epitech has partnerships with the largest French groups and collaborates with their innovation departments (ENGIE Digital, Alstom, SNCF, Société Générale, Aéroports de Paris, Airbus, Bouygues…).

A 3-week Epitech course designed to provide students with all they need to know about connected object prototyping, including software programming bases, interacting with raspberry pie and Arduino and using components such as motion sensors, cameras, Bluetooth, wifi and NFC communication. Students will also learn how to use a 3D printer and be given the opportunity to create a working prototype with the help of professionals from the IOT sector!

Bordeaux - Scalable embedded IOT

Nestled on the banks of the Garonne River is Bordeaux, the capital of the Aquitaine region. The city has preserved its theatrical décor and atmosphere, a fact that can be seen in its port, “le Port de la Lune”, which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. The 18th century building façades on the riverbanks match this theme perfectly, bringing to mind the city’s golden age.

Bordeaux, its history of fine wine and the Arachon Bay make up a large part of the foundation from which sprang 21st century technological discoveries. Awarded the French Tech label, Bordeaux is part of the promising start-up ecosystem that ranges from avionics to smart city technology.

In the pleasant and stimulating atmosphere of the Epitech summer school, you’ll take your first steps into embedded, real-time development all while discovering the charms of Bordeaux and the surrounding region. Through the development of a simple prototype of your choice, you will learn the basics of data collection and digital servo control, like the control and management of traffic light systems that allow ambulances to pass while blocking others on the street.

Lille - Video Games

At the centre of the European triangle of Brussels, London and Paris, the city of Lille is a lively, cosmopolitan urban area filled with art and culture. Also, it doesn’t ignore the 10th art, that being video, since it’s in the Lille metropolitan area at the industrial park, Plaine Images, that many companies from this sector are located, such as Ankama (creator of Dofus and Wakfu) and Enigami (Shiness), components of a greater dynamic.

It’s by making use of this diverse ecosystem that Epitech Lille can offer its Summer School students the opportunity to get their start in video game development with the programming suite Unreal Engine. The different actors from the region will participate in conferences and workshops to offer a more comprehensive vision of the inner workings of video game design. Focus is placed on a range of skills that are necessary for creating a video game and that will assist you in creating your own.

Lyon - Smart Cities

Lyon, the French city where living is good: number one cultural city (aside from Paris), number one European city for city breaks and the third most popular destination for international travellers. It also boasts numerous activities, an agreeable climate and gastronomy so characteristic of the former capital of the Gauls.

Lyon is marked by the themes of #cleantech and #mobility. The urban open data made available to the public and the recent initiatives relating to self-data (the recapturing of personal data) offer the chance for citizens to take responsibility for their urban behaviour and way of life. The subjects at the centre of the Lyon programme will be data acquisition, Big Data, and its correlation with citizen behaviour (noise pollution, eco-responsible habits, etc.)

We will start with internet data collection and processing technologies, geo-tracking and embedded material for probe deployment. Lastly, the focus will be put on data representation (web & mobile interfaces).

Marseille - Artificial Intelligence - Robotics

A city of art and culture, Marseille has many features that will amaze you. With its 26-century history, it combines tradition and modernity. Located in the heart of Provence, the city offers easy access to natural areas for hikers and swimming enthusiasts (see the famous “calanque” coves).

Aix-Marseille French Tech is emerging as a powerful player in innovation around the Mediterranean. Aix-Marseille is a region looking to the future and many leading companies and dynamic start-ups are located there. The region is noted for its public and private R&D centres as well as the many incubators and accelerator organisations that support the growth of start-ups, helping them enter global markets.

The first week of Epitech Summer School is devoted to learning about the different algorithms relating to artificial intelligence (A.I.), its possibilities and its limits. At the same time, students will work on their project of planning out a concrete application for an A.I. The second week centres on the bootstrap of their project, their A.I. choice and the beginning of its development. The third week focuses on completing a prototype.

The choice of app technologies is open to all options. (Unity, Web, robotic, etc.).

Montpellier - IT & Entrepreneurship

Built ten centuries ago, the city of Montpellier was the second largest is France and a major cultural and economic hub. With marvellous classic fountains, medieval streets and 17th and 18th century townhouses, Montpellier offers a wealth of heritage and history.

Leading figure in the future of French Tech, the Business Innovation Center (BIC) brings Montpellier expertise in innovation support to the entire world. Come to the Montpellier BIC, an accelerator in the process of creating innovative businesses and supporting their power growth, and join the Epitech Bootstrap & Entrepreneurship programmes. It’s an opportunity to flesh out your ideas and transform them into project!

Through the expertise of Epitech, you can bootstrap your ideas by using the latest technologies and create a mobile app, a web service or a video game with the goal of submitting your project to the BIC project incubator, which immediately gives your project a business dimension.

Nancy - Video Games

Nancy is a young city with “Grand Ecole” programmes that emphasise creativity. Place Stanislas is today considered the most beautiful square in Europe. With its old city centre, museums and opera, Nancy is a vibrant city both day and night and filled with bistros and restaurants.

Here are a few facts attesting to its importance: 270,000 inhabitants (in the greater Nancy area) and 45,000 students (nearly 8,000 of them are foreign, coming from more than 100 countries). The region was awarded the French Tech label and it has a dynamic ecosystem with the latest industrial technologies.

With a major industrial base and a remarkable teaching and research network, the Lorraine region has risen to the 12th place in the national ranking in digital economy.

The Lorrain urban region (Nancy-Metz-Luxembourg) has put in place the LORnTECH project, implemented over its entire territory. Made up of entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers and users from Lorrain, Luxembourg and Germany, LORnTECH is a true laboratory for business emulation and new ideas.

In this centre of video games in the northeast of France, we offer a video game programme involving learning how to use Unity. We organise conferences, presentations and workshops to discover and learn programming and video game mechanisms with major players from the region. After learning about and mastering the techniques, you will design and programme your own video game.

Nantes - Game Development (Coming Soon !)

Nice - Sport and Technology

Nice is the second largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and the 5th largest city in France. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, it is located at the extreme east of France, just a few kilometres from Monaco and Italy. With an extensive history and elaborate architecture, the region is also an important place for sport, in particular football, basketball and aquatic sports.

Awarded the French Tech label, the Côte d'Azur is an active and dynamic entrepreneurial region. There are numerous start-ups and large groups in the sports sector located in the area, creating an influential mix of sport and innovation.

Located on the seacoast, the Nice campus offers an immersive experience in sport and technologies through its sport ecosystem. The programme starts with a visit to the national sport museum, letting you dive into the heart of the subject. The Allianz-Riviera stadium is also happy to welcome you so you can explore its facilities and its well-known accelerator.

Our local start-ups and conference presenters speaking on the incubation process, sport and the technologies will help guide you in finding a technological subject that lets today’s athletes and sport enthusiasts excel or enjoy their passion to the fullest.

Rennes - Mobile connected object

Rennes is the capital of Brittany and has diverse and importance regional heritage. At the entrance to Brittany, many areas can be access directly by car: Mont St Michel, St-Malo, the Morbihan Gulf, Brocéliande, Pointe du Raz, etc.

With a vibrant ecosystem centred on Fablabs and an entrepreneur/innovator mindset, Epitech Rennes offers the chance to learn about the production of embedded objects combining communication and control with mobile interfaces.

In the 3 weeks at the programme, you can design and create your own intelligent object (3D printing, sensors, motorisation, etc.) and remotely test it with an Android or iPhone app of your own making.

These 3 weeks will also allow you to learn about the diverse players from our network by going to visit the other niche entrepreneur spots in the city: the fine-arts school, Télécom Bretagne, MyHumanKit, EcoDomaine de l’Etrillet, etc.

Strasbourg - e-Health

Strasbourg, a European capital and home to the headquarters of numerous international institutions, is the crossroads of European exchanges. Having changed hands between France and Germany over the course its bimillenary history, it offers great cultural and architectural diversity. The Alsatian ecosystem is rich in the sector of MedTech. The Rhineland region has brought together the world leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. Strasbourg, which has one of the oldest medical schools in France, developed its renowned knowledge in the field of healthcare. Epitech is one of the players in this digital revolution, working with innovations centres such as the IRCAD and the IHU in particular on question of medical imaging, mini-invasive and computer-assisted surgery.

Epitech summer school will be the opportunity to learn in 3 weeks all there is to know about how new technologies are pushing the health sector in a new era, whether it be electronic health recording and monitoring, telemedicine, or self-monitoring healthcare devices. Students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals and researchers of the field, as well as the Strasbourg Hospital.

Toulouse - Augmented reality

Between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Toulouse, capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, is the 4th largest city in France. Famous for its atmosphere where life is good, Toulouse is also a city filled with art and history and has an important architectural and artistic heritage.

Home to the Group Airbus, Toulouse is now a European centre of technology that brings together many different cutting-edge industries (aeronautics, I.T. and the space sector) as well as numerous research institutes that have brought Toulouse international recognition as an economic force.

The Epitech summer school is the program that will help you learn all about virtual reality in 3 weeks! Meet and interact with the world-renowned aircraft manufacturer Airbus and learn more about the future of virtual reality. Students will have the opportunity to use virtual headsets such as Oculus Rift and create their own working VR program!