Video Game Development 2 weeks / 4 ECTS credits

The aim is to design a mobile application from scratch and know its structure and basic elements. Students will learn how to make screen layouts and user interfaces, manage contents, understand mobile applications characteristics (performance, optimization, market segmentation,), and develop a simple application for Android or iOS and install on the device.

Cyber and Information Security 2 weeks / 4 ECTS credits

The aim of this module is to expose students to the client and server side security concepts. Students will understand the major security vulnerabilities associated with web technologies such as such as XSS, SQL injection, manipulate and fix those vulnerabilities, and deploying a state-of-the-art SSL/TLS configuration on a web server. Topics will include cryptography penetrating testing, digital forensics.

Innovative Project Development 2 weeks / 4 ECTS credits

Develop an innovative project over a period of two weeks in a team of 3 to 4 students.

The project must undergo the following phases:

1) Select the idea
2) Define the specifications and technical needs
3) Design, develop and test the prototype
4) Validate the specifications and deliverables.

A final presentation will be requested.

Exam, grades & credits

Each course has its own evaluation methods adapted to its learning outcomes. However, EPITA uses all the different evaluations possible and quite often combines them within each course. Therefore, the evaluation can go through intermediate and final exams, individual and group case studies, assignments, class participation, attendance, etc. Each instructor will give the detailed evaluation process of the course at the beginning of the Summer schools.