Mobility & Virtual Reality

3 weeks / 6 ECTS credits

New user interfaces are key in the application world. Students will learn basics of mobile development (IOS, Android) and create virtual reality apps with Unity and Google cardboard.

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

3 weeks / 6 ECTS credits

Neural networks are an exciting branch of artificial intelligence. They cover a large part of current industrial innovation that provides more efficient algorithms to deal with problems in computer vision, speech recognition, language processing. Students will learn basics of neural networks and how to create a computer vision system (optical Character recognition OCR or Face recognition...

French Language & Culture 3 weeks / 6 ECTS credits

3 weeks / 6 ECTS credits

Experience the unique opportunity of learning French in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Discover the culture, the traditions and enjoy the Parisian lifestyle! Open to all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Exam, grades & credits

Each course has its own evaluation methods adapted to its learning outcomes. However, EPITA uses all the different evaluations possible and quite often combines them within each course. Therefore, the evaluation can go through intermediate and final exams, individual and group case studies, assignments, class participation, attendance, etc. Each instructor will give the detailed evaluation process of the course at the beginning of the Summer schools.